Tuna Pasta with Rosemary and Basil

Tuna Pasta with Rosemary and Basil - the perfect mid-week meal.


Tuna Pasta with Rosemary and Basil

Serves 8

850g Tinned Tuna, in chunks

400g of Passata

300ml of cream

Punnet of cherry tomatoes , halved.

500 g of Dried Penne Pasta

100g Cheddar Cheese

200g of sweetcorn if available

Handful of Fresh Rosemary

Handful of fresh Basil for garnish.

Served with a green salad of choice.

To cook- Step 1 Put large pan on to boil water for pasta. Read label for length of time to cook (this varies depending on the type of pasta that you prefer) Add pasta to boiling water. Once cooked drain into a colander.

Step 2 Put tuna, passata, cream, rosemary and sweetcorn in a large pan and heat up. Once it is piping hot then take off the heat.

Step 3 Combine the pasta and sauce in an oven proof dish and mix well. Stir in cherry Tomatoes.

Step 4 Grate the cheese on top and add pepper and pinch of salt.

Step 5 Cook in the oven on 200C fan assisted then when the top is golden brown remove from the oven.

Step 6 Serve immediately with a side salad and good company, left-overs can be refrigerated and used for lunches the following day. Enjoy !

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