If I have unconditional permission to eat any food does that mean I will eat everything in sight?

Updated: May 5, 2020

woman worrying about overeating on all the restricted, forbidden foods on her list.

If I have unconditional permission to eat any food does that mean I will eat everything in sight and only eat foods that are on my restricted list such as chips, lollies, chocolate etc..?

This a common comment. When diet culture has convinced us to remove foods that can bring us pleasure it can begin a psychological tug-of-war; with one side restricting and the other side heightening your desire for the said restricted foods.

Once you know deep down that you are not restricting anything, you will find that you don’t eat the same thing all the time. Indeed, it’s this freedom to eat anything that allows us to try new foods, including those that were previously on our restricted list.

Some clients have been restricting for so long that, in the first few days of giving themselves permission,they over-consume foods on their restricted list. This is to be expected and a normal response to a long period of restriction. As they continue to tune into their internal body cues not only does the desire to eat the same thing over and over wane, but the natural impulses to eat a variety of foods resurfaces. Trusting your body to do its job in helping you tune into what you really want to eat is the path to food freedom.

check out our blog on principle #3 Make Peace with Food, to find out how you can start to give yourself unconditional permission to eat all foods.

Are you struggling with your food choices and would like to learn more how to stop dieting, why not book an appointment with us. We can see you in our clinic or via Skype consultation.

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