I have stopped doing activities with my family because I don’t like the way I look.


We have many clients who have stopped enjoying activities with the family such as swimming, playing sport, going to the beach. We ask our clients to get curious about this. To take a moment to go to the beach or pool and look around at every third person.

Take a note of others who are enjoying their time with their families and friends, regardless of body shape and size.

Just because social media only shows pictures of young, thin models partaking in these fun activities, doesn’t mean that outside in the real world people of all shapes and sizes are not having a wonderful time playing, swimming, enjoying the beach or out in nature. Enjoyment of activity is not only for thin, able-bodied individuals. It is for everyone, no matter your ability, size or shape. Recognise that we all come in different shapes and sizes and that enjoyment does not come with a rule that only thin people can enjoy themselves.

So, next time there is an opportunity to enjoy a family activity, get curious and try it. It’s highly likely that you will enjoy spending time together creating new family memories.

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